Vintage Orange 🧡

Seasonal orange, iconic vintage

With his coat of light, he embodies the sun. Souvenir of a summer with a beating heart, orange wine is now making its comeback, dressed in its most beautiful autumn colours.
In his luggage still a little iodized, Orange Gold , adorned with a new vintage. Powerful and sensory, this newborn embodies, in its own way, a season made of wind and gold.
Orange Gold, the Sun King
In his kingdom made of sunsets, Orange Gold now reigns over autumn. With its fresh notes of citrus fruits and white flowers, the 2021 vintage offers an aromatic complexity typical of the south of France. In total, seven singular grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Marsanne or Grenache Blanc promise a wine with an unprecedented profile: both subtle and remarkable.
Villa Soleilla, star of our constellation,
Soleilla shows us the way, that of a sensory journey, rich in emotions and meaning. Villa Soleilla it is also the voice of Nature, where everywhere biodynamics finds its expression.
Villa Soleilla pays tribute to the first orange wines, made in Georgia 4,500 years ago using the same ancestral know-how

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