In Hospitalet and Sauvageonne, magic happens between the vines

It expresses a terroir, a season, a singularity. Fruit of the work of the vine, signature of great wines, the 2022 vintage is being prepared slowly, with care.
It is therefore time for the harvest, this exhilarating period when the hands are colored with the tannins of the grapes. At Château l'Hospitalet and Château la Sauvageonne, care is taken over the luminous balance of red and white and the full expression of the aromas. To the rhythm of nature and life, grape variety by grape variety.
At L'Hospitalet, where land and sea express themselves in majesty, we augur a powerful and intense vintage. On the side of the Sauvageonne, daughter of fire in volcanic soil, the promise is in character, grandiose and wild.
While waiting for this birth full of flavors, discover our previous vintages.

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